Cool Online Economics Learning Resources for Students

The Global Economics Game: In this software game, up to six players or computer opponents control the economic policy of one nation each.

Utility, Substitution and Demand: A series of lecture style pages on utility, substitution and demand with interactive learning activities.

Between the Sheets – Economics: A collection of Excel spreadsheets and accompanying material that cover a variety of economic topics. Spreadsheets are interactive and utilize macros.

Introductory Microeconomics Quizzes: A set of nine quizzes covering microeconomic topics, including supply and demand and consumer theory, from the University of California.

Eurogame: Control up to three companies and manage start up funds to grow your capital in competition with other students around the world in this free economics game.

Making Sense of the Federal Reserve: Online tour of the federal reserve with animations from Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

Classic Economics Models: A collection of 25 of the most important models in classic economics.

Economic Indicators: A list of locations to find current values for economic indicators of the US economy such as the gross domestic product and consumer price index.

Economics Interactive Tutorials: A list of 13 interactive tutorial in JAVA that cover various topics in microeconomics including elasticity, marginal cost and supply and demand.

Graphic Modules on Comparative Advantage: A set of graph presentations that cover comparative advantage and specialization.

Microeconomic Case Studies: A set of case studies in which to apply microeconomics. Includes the student handout, teacher guide and answers in separate word documents.

Market Failure Notes: Notes on types and causes of market failure, including externalities and public good. Has simple graphs to illustrate points as appropriate.

Microeconomics Spreadsheets: A series of downloadable, interactive Excel spreadsheets covering topics in microeconomics.

Economics Interactive Tutorial: Cost Concepts: Illustrates fixed costs such as equipment leasing; and variable costs, such as labor, for firms with sound and interactive questions.

World Bank: The World Bank website contains economic data for many countries as well as information on current international monetary policies.

Microeconomics Sample Quizzes: A set of quizzes and exams for a microeconomics course from which to study and practice in .pdf format. Also includes lecture slides in PowerPoint format.

Economicae: Encyclopedia of economics terms, famous contributors and concepts. It is organized alphabetically with a separate biography section and is illustrated.

Economics of the Price System: Set of practice exams with answer keys to study from about pricing in free markets.

US Monetary Policy: An introduction to the goals and tools of US monetary policy from the San Fransisco Federal Reserve Bank.

National Bureau of Economic Research: Contains papers of current economic research being done and an extensive collection of economic data ranging from industry specific and business cycle to international and demographic.

Macroeconomic Problems: Set of lecture style slides with illustrations and graphs that focuses on the problems of unemployment and inflation.

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