What Is The Best Credit Card In The Australian Market for May 2018?

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We're all looking for the absolute best credit card. This can be a bit tricky because different people have different needs in terms of what they'll be doing with their credit cards.

Of course, the best card would allow you to borrow money without charging you a fee and perhaps even give you some rewards to go with it. Since this isn't very likely we'll have to consider the current offering of cards.

As you consider which credit card to apply for (and there literally are hundreds) you'll want to consider your overall ability to qualify for the card. Then, you need to ask yourself what makes this credit card better for you than others. When you do this type of research, you'll walk away with the best credit card for your situation.

Before we go over the key facts to consider in selecting the right credit card, I'll show you what our current top selections are for May 2018 (these are based on interest rates alone from cards listed on our site). Note that this is not a complete analysis of all of the credit cards in the marketplace today, although our selection is quite large.


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Key Facts To Consider

As you shop for credit cards, make some comparisons. The good news is you can do this right here at Finance Comparison and have the best credit cards at your fingertips to compare and consider.

Interest Rates

When you are considering credit cards, and looking for the best one out there, one of the most important things to consider is the interest rate. Credit card interest rates are always important because they are the cost for using the line of credit. The lower the interest rate is, the better the deal is. When shopping for a credit card, shop for it as you would a product in a grocery store.

You'll want to use the price as a starting point in your comparison. If everything on the credit cards is the same, then you would likely go for the lower priced model. Finance charges are the price, but they are not the only thing to consider when selecting credit cards.


One way that many Australian credit card companies make money and cover the costs of offering rewards programs and special promotions is by charging fees. The good news is that the Government requires that all credit card offers lay out the terms they are offering to you before you apply. They must list the fees they charge. When you visit a website offering credit cards and begin comparing them, click on the link that takes you to the credit cards "Terms of Service" page. Scroll down towards the middle of the chart that is usually provided. There, you'll see the fees the company charges easily displayed. Fees include membership fees, annual fees, processing fees, and other charges.

As a consumer, you need to have this information before you make any decisions about which the best cards are. In fact, the best credit cards are these that do not charge any fees at all (though balance transfer and cash advance fees are nearly always charged.)


Some Australian credit card companies offer excellent promotions, and this is often what drives people into getting them. It is okay to take advantage of these promotions, assuming you use them correctly. Some include:

  • 0 Percent interest rates for six months (or longer) on balance transfers, allowing you to transfer the balance of a high interest rate credit card to your new card
  • No balance transfer fees for the first six months (or another time period) where you will still be charged interest, but there is no fee for moving the balance from another credit card to this one

Promotions range widely from one company to the next, but if you are interested in using these promotions do so. Be careful to make payments on time, though. You may find that a low interest rate will be bumped up very high as soon as you make one late payment on your credit card.

Rewards Programs

Perhaps the best known program benefit of the best credit cards is reward programs. Everything from having free airline miles to use to dining discounts and deeply discounted merchandise purchases, are offered to borrowers. When you are offered this type of program, compare interest rates and fees before accepting them. Once you have them use them, as most companies are hoping you'll forget all about them.

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